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TCW delivers business solutions at speed and with certainty, while helping clients manage risk and deliver strong ROI's.



The Connect Worldwide is comprised of a talented

group of executive level business and brand “Solutionists.”


We solve clients toughest challenges by providing unmatched consulting

solutions in brand marketing, digital strategy, intellectual property, content

development, technology and operations.


We’ve overachieved in leadership roles at fortune 1000 corporations, marketing communications, advertising, public relations, digital, technology, entertainment and legal organizations.


We came together to form a new, best in class group of “Solutionists” that focus on helping clients sell more of their products and services to more customers, more often to increase profits.

Our View of The World

Consumer landscape is more complex than ever before

  • Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, Women, Millennial’s, Boomers, Biracial, LGBT, etc…

  • New occasions, new demands, new needs

  • New technology, new channels, new media

  • Mass marketing is dead

  • Diversity is the new “Mass”

Consumers create brands

  • Today more than ever!

  • Yesterday’s branding was one-way, “follow the leader”

  • Today, brands must involve consumers, connect with them, own, share and advocate (the consumer decides)

One economy, not two

  • New Technology, potential for revenue growth, first mover advantage

  • Profits blur distinction between new and old economy

  • Sustainability is key – we’re still in the 1st inning

What We Know

The Bar Has Been Raised!

  • We know how to identify and reach your target customer and have the road-tested experience to effectively and efficiently engage and motivate them to action.

  • We know how to scale with technology to extend your business reach to intimately engage your target audience.

  • We know how to proactively identify and act upon new opportunities in a pre-emptive way – look into the future

  • We know how to utilize human capital to get it done

  • We know what you measure is what truly counts

  • We know the bottom line is the bottom line


"Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind."

- Walter Landor


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